Traffic network performance and traffic management by I.R.T. automated vehicles

The network effects of the introduction of automated vehicles in the traffic system have until now been primarily estimated using models and simulation studies. The estimates for these diverge substantially and involve things such as the market penetration of automated vehicles.

Expected results

Experiments are needed to better validate these simulations and models. In addition, there is still little empirical data available about the interaction of traffic management systems and automated vehicles.

Current Research


A way to improve the performance of the traffic network is by the means of providing the cyclists with a speed advise. This could be in the form of an application on your mobile phone. Currently, the problem in the Netherlands is the fact that the traffic lights are regulated by the traffic supply and it is therefore complicated to predict the waiting times.

In cooperation with Technolution and the municipality of Rotterdam the possibilities are explored for this application.

Experiment characteristics

  •     Extensive networks
  •     Longer period