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The goal of RADD is to provide an open and simple platform for performing research into self-driven vehicles. On the campus and in the fieldlabs, there are various testing locations available. This allows for highly diverse research to be conducted: from fully enclosed laboratory conditions to total interaction on the open road.

Our facilities for your research

Anyone who brings their own people, resources, and substantive resource questions can make use of the laboratory facilities. On this page, you can read all about the:

  • RADD facilities
  • The research application procedure
  • Rates for a research application and for the research itself
  • Submitting an application

Open platform
The basic principle is that research results will be open and accessible, because the facility has been funded using public resources. This enables the accumulation and exchange of knowledge to occur as quickly as possible. Knowledge sharing occurs according to the open-science principle. Under this principle, there are special regulations that are implemented in regards to the data acquired and the handling of intellectual property (IP).

Simple platform
RADD is a non-profit organisation. The expenses for conducting research are kept low. This is possible through smart collaboration with other research facilities on the TU Delft Campus.

RADD facilities

RADD offers a wide range of facilities. This allows the lab to address research applications with a high degree of flexibility.

The facilities are already present:

  • Closed off, paved testing area that can be arranged as needed
  • Road segment (that can be closed off)
  • Signage and road markings that can be flexibly placed
  • Network of sensors and cameras on the road segment for real-time monitoring
  • A control room where research studies can be monitored via a live connection
  • Workstations for analysing and processing research results
  • Reception/presentation space on site with a view of the closed off testing areas
  • Vehicles that have been made suitable for the lab

The research application procedure

After submitting a research application, it will be assessed by various experts. These experts will assess applications based on safety, privacy, and research ethics. In the event of a positive assessment, the substantive and financial arrangements will be established in a contract. The required exemptions will also be arranged with the RDW (Dutch driver and vehicle licensing agency) via RADD. After this, the research can be scheduled. The processing time required for assessing a complete research application is up to 4 weeks.


During the assessment of safety, it will be determined whether sufficient safety measures have been included to manage the risks for participants in the research and the surroundings. For this reason, the research basis must contain an inventory of risks and control measures. Examples of these are risks for test subjects. Is there a risk of collision? How is this risk managed? And what about the surroundings? What does a vehicle do if connection with the control room is lost?


During assessment of privacy, it will be determined whether the collection and recording of data is in accordance with privacy legislation in the Netherlands. This specifically concerns data that can be traced back to individuals, such as registration numbers, faces, etc.

Research ethics

During assessment of research ethics, it will be determined whether the research proposal is in keeping with the “Code of Ethics of TU Delft”.

Rates for a research application and for the research itself

Submitting an application is free; using the research facilities is not. As already stated, RADD is a non-profit organisation. For this reason, our rates can be kept low. For each submitted research application, a customised cost will be determined. This cost will depend upon the use of the facilities. For each research application, agreements will be made in advance with regard to this. This means that, before you begin your research, you will be clear on the RADD costs.

Due to the many options available for research, we are unable to implement standard pricing. However, there are basic rates that apply. For more information, please contact us.

Submitting an application

An application must be submitted in advance for all testing.

Research application

Would you like to use our research facilities? Please contact us or fill out our online application.

Online application for research facilities