Project progress

RADD realisation progress

Research programmes and tests occur in three phases. Below, you can read what these phases entail.

Phase 1 – the foundation


Providing a safe route with a monitoring system. Ready for research with automated transport.


Desired delivery is planned for summer 2017.

Description of the phase

During the completion of this phase, there will be a testing environment with highly limited mixed traffic. The first phase consists of establishing the basis of the monitoring infrastructure and the provisions required to begin testing, measuring, and observing. The first phase focuses primarily on the:

  • Organisation of the Researchlab
  • Collection of resources and data in preparation for the actual practical research
  • Acquiring commitments
  • Arranging permits and exemptions
  • Developing procedures for enabling testing (incl. ethical testing, insurance policies)

Phase 2 – research in safe situations


The research work can begin on the safe route. Automated vehicles are introduced into slow-moving traffic.


Desired delivery is planned for the first quarter of 2018.

Description of the phase

In the second phase, the base location is expanded to the entire campus property, where a safe route with a monitoring system for automated vehicles will be created. In this phase, the true research work can begin. The second phase will focus primarily on:

  • Introducing automated vehicles to slow-moving traffic
  • Testing at grade-separated crossings (trolley/bus route and bicycle path)
  • Preparing infrastructure for slow traffic that is suitable for small automated vehicles
  • Researching potential funding (the provisions will be under the management and operation of an entity to be created for that purpose)
  • Applying for funding for the short and long term

Phase 3 – research in complex situations


Automated vehicles begin moving through more complex and busier traffic situations.


Desired delivery is planned for summer 2018.

Description of the phase

The third phase is the expansion towards the end goal: the research area is expanded beyond campus and a connection is made with the public transport juncture at Delft-Zuid. The third phase focuses primarily on:

  • Introducing automated vehicles into complex, busy traffic situations
  • Creating a number of closed off test areas


After each phase, an evaluation will occur. Based on this evaluation, there will be a decisive moment in which the next steps will be determined based on the results achieved.