Can an automated vehicle anticipate sudden changes?

Depending on the research or the test, a specific vehicle will be selected and used. Each vehicle differs in its capacity for driving independently. Sometimes, autopilot is sufficient. Other times, it must be fully automated. Depending on the level of automation, the vehicle may be able to independently anticipate and respond to the behaviour of other road users.

To ensure safety, the first phase of testing occurs in a controlled environment. This means that researchers, technicians, and potential traffic controllers must be at locations which have been approved in advance. The other road users will also be instructed thoroughly prior to testing.

In later phases, tests in public spaces and in public traffic situations will be performed. Other road users will be informed of the test situation via signage. Such testing will be assessed in advance at various institutions such as the municipality of Delft, the RDW (Dutch driver and licensing agency), and the ethics committee of TU Delft.