Partner The Municipality of Rotterdam

Rotterdam wants to establish itself in the field of self-driving transport, in which the primary question is what self-driving transport can mean in view of the urban objectives being pursued. What contribution can self-driving transport provide that will make Rotterdam a healthy, economically strong, and appealing city. The Municipality of Rotterdam has a strong relationship with the projects Rotterdam The Hague Airport and Vervoersknoop (transport junction) Rivium/Campus. In the coming years, Rotterdam municipality will focus on the individual research cases of Merwe/Vierhavens (goods distribution and residential district of the future), Wilhelminapapier (testing location for self-driving vehicle in an urban setting), urban logistics in the inner city, and the continued development of the research case Oude Noorden (study into the opportunities for self-driving transport in pre-war urban districts). There have since been two meetings, in which the government and science have examined which research studies they would like to approach together in the short term.

The following three projects are described as promising and will be further worked out shortly:

  1. Smart cycling: facilitating the fastest route on the network by prioritising traffic lights on the Schiekade.
  2. Automated vehicles: interaction between automated vehicles (shuttles) and non-automated vehicles on the Wilhelminapier.
  3. Last-mile delivery with automated systems: testing with automated delivery systems for the last mile on the Wilhelminapier. For example, a delivery platform (Domino’s, PostNL).