Partner The Municipality of Delft

RADD is located on the campus property of TU Delft and there is also a testing site on Prinses Beatrixlaan. The Municipality of Delft has been actively involved in the realisation of RADD, including a financial contribution of 60,000 euros for the placement of such things as the required signage and markers. For obtaining the various testing licences, the Municipality of Delft supports TU during discussions with the RDW (Dutch driver and vehicle licensing agency). In doing so, the municipality has contributed to the acquisition of unique knowledge for the Netherlands. In the upcoming period, Delft will also support us in obtaining what is called a research exemption, which allows for faster research on campus property and will significantly shorten the duration of research on public roads. The Municipality of Delft also supports the lines of research of TU Delft. In the “SEP lighthouse proposal”, the Municipality of Delft and TU Delft agreed to address the opening up of Delft Zuid in the direction of campus together—which involves the use of ten automated Twizys. We will know whether the proposal has been accepted after the summer.