Partner Ondernemersfonds Delft (entrepreneurial fund) work area 11

The entrepreneurial fund will provide funding for the conversion of an existing Renault Twizy into an automated transport system.

This can be broken down into 3 interrelated development directions:

  1. pilot for advanced “hospitality” transport service – automated Twizy

The already available Twizy must be adapted for automated driving (slow speed, no passenger, in mixed bicycle traffic). To this end, HHS, TU Delft, Renault, and others are working together on the technological development and working with ProRail for the actual use.

  1. preparatory testing for the future use of automated shuttles

Monitoring and measurement systems as well as data processing systems will be installed for the research lab(s) along the routes where the automated vehicles will drive. The Twizy vehicles have to be adjusted for this.

  1. Cycling/smart sensors

The Twizy will ultimately interact with cyclists and pedestrians, which will optimise traffic flows in the direction of the campus property.


In order to establish these three development directions in phases, there will be intensive collaboration between The Hague University of Applied Sciences, the lectorates, TU Delft, multiple facilities, the Delft SME Accenda (party in the development of electric transport as well as mechatronics and sensorics in vehicles) and Green Village. The automation of the Twizy falls under the supervision of the Research Lab Automated Driving at TU Delft. The research lab together with The Hague University of Applied Sciences and Accenda will work on the technical project management. The Twizy will remain the property of TU Delft. Renault and ProRail (a participant in project 100%EVD2D) have pledged their cooperation as well as the MRDH, who is active with InnovationQuarter at RNE-AVLM. This is a project and pilot in the triple helix of knowledge, government, and business, in which as many Delft entrepreneurs are involved as possible. This concerns a tangible product that is also scalable! The NEXT Economy programme focuses on promoting expertise, talent, and work opportunities in the region. Innovation and R&D from TU Delft and The Hague University of Applied Sciences.