Partner Municipality of Schiedam and Vlaardingen

Firstly, together with Vlaardingen, a plan has been developed to realise an AV shuttle using the newest generation of autonomous vehicles on a separate bus lane between the metro stations of Vlaardingen-Oost and Schiedam Vijfsluizen: the metro shuttle. SAE level 4 automation on individual track which will replace the planned shuttle bus. Two important innovations are expected: a joint control room with the Rivium Parkshuttle in Capelle aan den IJssel and the crossing of a relatively busy intersection that is coordinated by traffic lights: the slip roads of the A4 motorway. Currently, the decision is being made of whether to move to the next project phase.


The second project LOAV is in the startup phase. It concerns an extensive pilot by the municipality and business community partners for the practical feasibility of a fast road map (3-5 years) for the addition of autonomous driving (SAE level 4.5), signal-controlled transportation as a supplement to the standard (high-quality) public transit. The system will be tested for suitability and developed for all major urban arteries, rural roads, and access roads in business parks. The test will be performed with 6 to 10 vehicles in Schiedam, potentially to be supplemented with Vlaardingen and Maassluis and up to 15 to 25 vehicles. The transport system is a part of the MaaS concept. Trip acceptance and planning are also a part of the development. In the testing/development phase, there will be “learning vehicles” and human drivers. In this way, the software and hardware will be tested intensively and improved, and the automated vehicle will be able to handle traffic situations on these roads better and more safely than the human driver. We are currently working on a consortium of interested parties for the implementation of this project. If the testing and development phase succeeds – and is permitted – the system will be generally applicable in urban areas as cost-effective, supplementary public transport. Research and development questions have been formulated in the fields of a) vehicular engineering, traffic flow, safety, and legislation, b) traveller quality and logistics optimisation, and c) societal impact, that can be followed up on in conjunction with RADD.