Partner Municipality of Leiden

The Municipality of Leiden, together with local stakeholders, is an initiator for projects in the field of autonomous transport, with the goal of developing knowledge in the field of autonomous transport with regard to first and last-mile transport.

In order to be able to implement autonomous transport as a full-fledged solution in the traffic system in the long run, it is important that there be sufficient locations for testing. The aim is to provide technology with the potential to come to fruition. It is not a task that can be shouldered only by the government or the business community. The Municipality of Leiden, along with local stakeholders, is committed to answering the knowledge questions regarding technology.

The Bio Science Park (BSP) in Leiden would like to provide the space for innovative concepts to be tested in practice and for this, offers a testing area, where concepts will have the potential to develop into thorough solutions for last-mile transport issues in the long run. Special research questions for the BSP are the transport of disabled target groups to and from the hospital and the integration of roundabouts with mixed traffic in automated transport routes.