Partner Metropolitan region Rotterdam The Hague

The Metropolitan region Rotterdam The Hague (MRDH) is the collaboration of 23 municipalities. These municipalities join forces and use their combined knowledge and administrative powers in order to improve the international competitiveness of the region, as well as cooperating with businesses, universities, research institutions and authorities.

We are working in order to make a more appealing region for residents to live, work and recreate, for (international) companies to settle and for tourists to feel welcome. We focus on improving the accessibility and the economic climate for businesses in the region Rotterdam The Hague.

For us the way to achieve this is by focussing on improving the (international) accessibility, economical innovations and the transition to a leading position in durability and attractiveness.

The RADD is a part of the Fieldlab Automated Transport Last Mile (AVLM), a cooperation between authorities, universities, research institutions and businesses within the MRDH. The collaborating parties in Fieldlab AVLM have the ambition to shape the region into an internationally leading research area for automated transportation.