Partner BUas – Breda University of Applied Sciences

The BUas – Breda University of Applied Sciences –  has the ambition to remain a leading national and international knowledge institute in the field of mobility, urban development, and logistics. Therefore, it is important that the research and education provided by BUas support and reflect the developments in the market. This requires that we anticipate the changing world using the knowledge of lecturers and researchers. Automated vehicles and automated driving play a big role in the world of future mobility and logistics, from the perspective of the vehicle, the user and the environment.

The developments within AVLM and RADD are well aligned with the three university-wide research themes that BUas recently established. One of these themes concerns People and Goods on the Move (PG Move), in which BUas, in collaboration with the business community, government, and other knowledge institutions, wants to conduct projects and research in the movement behaviour of vehicles, people, and goods. Developments in the field of logistics and mobility, such as big data, automated driving, sustainability, and mobility as a service, fit in perfectly here. Under the banner of these topics and together with the government, knowledge institutions, and the business community, we want to conduct projects and research that reflect the core competencies of BUas in the fields of mobility, logistics, hospitality, and gaming, such as by employing virtual reality or augmented reality.

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