Partner AON

In the white paper “Als de auto autonoom wordt” (If cars become autonomous) which can be downloaded via, AON researched the ability to insure the self-driving car under assignment from the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment and trade organisations. In it, one of the things established was that the upcoming transition period will take at least 5 years, during which the riskiest period on the road for autonomous driving will be when smart vehicles share the street with traditional, non-connected cars. In order to shorten this period, a great deal of testing is required, but so is the creation of awareness in, for instance, the 1.1 million professional drivers that will have to use these smart vehicles. The mobility policies of many businesses will change substantially for this reason, which is why a testing environment that provides the ability to experience this is key. The data from the Field Lab AVLM will also be of importance for product innovation at AON, in order to identify and map out new risks and insure them where necessary.