Partner Dynniq

“Dynniq is an ICT infrastructure service provider. The contributions of Dynniq are focused on V2X communications (based on IEEE 802.11p and 4G) and traffic management systems integration, e.g. via the CCSM (Connected and Cooperative Service Module).

We have been going to ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute) plug tests for more than 5 years in order to meet the latest standards. Furthermore, we have taken on the role of infrastructure service provider in many European research projects (eCoMove, Compass4D, MOBiNET). In particular, Dynniq is currently the project coordinator of MAVEN (Managing Automated Vehicles Enhances Network), which focuses on autonomous vehicles in urban environments. In this project, we provide communication from the roadside, develop new IEEE 802.11p message sets for autonomous driving as well as data fusion for various roadside sensor data in order to increase safetyā€¯.